Welcome To The

Somers Dream Orchestra

"Big Band music is as much an American

tradition as apples are in Mom's apple pie!"

John M. Somers, Orchestra Leader


Elegant, Seductive, Classy, Brassy 


 18 piece Big Band Orchestra
from  New Jersey!


Performing since, 1995 and
catapulted to
national prominence

by their critically acclaimed CD,

"A Mid-Somers Night Dream"

The Orchestra
Officially Retired July 20, 2014
After 19 Years In Performance

We invite you to review our history 
proudly displayed on this website...

Pictured below Keaton Douglas
presents a farewell gift
signed by the entire orchestra to
Orchestra Leader, John Somers.

(More details posted below...)

Due to health concerns of
John Somers, Orchestra Leader, 
Sunday, July 20, 2014 the
Somers Dream Orchestra
performed their last and final concert
after an amazing 19 years in performance.

On behalf of the orchestra,
John would like to thank all our fans
for your love and support
through the many years.  
Thank you.

Until we all meet again...
keep SWING'IN!

Bring on the "Reunion Tour!"

The Many Faces...
"An Orchestra With Personality"


Photos below are a few examples...

"Jingle Bells Barking Dogs"

 Bandmembers Bark Their Way Into Audience Hearts
With This Unique Holiday Selection

Balloons Fall During The GONG SHOW
Trophy Award Ceremony!

Roxy Ranger & Rompin' Rufus 
Dance During
The GONG SHOW Tribute
with the
singing their famous 
"Christmas Song"

Philip Jones, III 
Sings The BLUES...

Philip Jones, III

"Merry Christmas Baby

The GRINCH Visits Our Concert Series!

GRINCH Stealing Presents Under The Tree!
(He's a Mean One!)

 Somers Dream Orchestra Tribute To
The Lawrence Welk Show 

It's POLKA Time!
The Lawrence Welk Show
Dennis Chlup and Svatka

"Adios,  AuRevoir,  Auf Wiedersehn"
The LAWRENCE WELK  Tribute Show
Closing Theme with BUBBLES!
Featuring  Keaton Douglas & Michael Joseph Delvey, Vocalists


The Somers Dream Orchestra
Proudly Presents Our Tribute To The Late Great
Ed Sullivan

Bandmember Ken Foy as Ed Sullivan
(Video Below) 

The ED SULLIVAN SHOW Opening Theme Song
Michael Joseph Delvey as Bobby Darin 

Ken Foy as Ed Sullivan
Talks To "Guiseppe" The Italian Mouse Puppet
Cousin To "Topo Giglio" The Famous 
Ed Sullivan Show Puppet

 (Watch Video Below For Cousin Explanation)

Ed Sullivan Puppet Act With "Guiseppe"

Ed Sullivan would often feature an Italian puppet named,
"Topo Giglio."

 In this tribute to the late great Mr. Sullivan,
we featured Topo Giglio's Cousin, "Guiseppe" the puppet.
The Ed Sullivan Show ran for 23 years with 10,000 episodes.

 His final show ended with Topo Giglio asking Mr. Sullivan,

 "Eddie Kiss Me Goodnight"

 Ed Sullivan kissed Topo Giglio and the
final episode became history.

 To date no other television show has matched
Ed Sullivan's amazing 10,000 show run. 

 We proudly dedicate this performance in memory of Ed Sullivan.

 The Man Who Changed Music History Forever...

SNOOPY Visits Our Concert Series

 and performed


"Snoopy's Christmas"
Featuring Michael Delvey as SNOOPY!
With Backup Vocalists
Jessica Bracamonte & Ashley Somers


"Dominick The Donkey"
Bob DeBenedette, Vocalist
Backup Vocalist, Jessica Bracamonte & Bruce VanHoven
Ashley Somers as Dominick The Donkey

"Dominick The Donkey"

Various Photos

Orchestra Leader, John Somers
Talks With
Santa Claus

Keaton Douglas as 10 year old Gayla Peevey
sings, "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"
On The Ed Sullivan Show Tribute

Ed Sullivan actually did introduce Gayla Peevey on his show
which helped to make her song #1 across AMERICA!

Sussex County Performing Arts Center
another sold out audience enjoys the show!

Newton High School Choir
performs the
Grand Finale with the
Somers Dream Orchestra

John Somers, Julia Quinlan, Founder of Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Foundation and Keaton Douglas

 Website Photos by,

Richard A Stopa, Staff Photographer

Thanks for visiting our website and 
enjoy listening to a partial track from our CD,
"A Mid-Somers Night Dream"
"Autumn Leaves"
Available on AMAZON.com

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